Our history

How many stories, moments and memories fit in 19 years? Have been thousands of miles by foot, donkey, transport, trucks and cars. Thousands of adventures, and hundreds of new friends, who, motivated by the desire to improve their conditions of life, we were greeted with the best of smiles and the most sincere hugs.

Since then, we have grown to more than 50 locations along the length and breadth of the country, giving more 1800 Workshops, benefiting more than 1,211,655 people in three main programs. Peace and Resilience, environmental Education, and Food Sovereignty.

On our way, we had the support of great partners, who convinced her social commitment, have contributed to giving us a hand so we can get to our destination. 

Today we have a presence in 23 states of Mexico

Thanks to your help, today we have a presence in 23 states of the republic. To whom we have workshops sustainable crop agroecological with our program of food sovereignty, thereby promoting the nutrition and health of families.

Where we're going

We know that there is much to do, but with every step, with every seed sown, with each workshop, we irrigate the land, reaching out to more and more each day to counteract the social problems that plague our country. With your support, we will continue moving forward, we are confident that together we will continue reducing inequalities.

Sow alliances, nurturing hearts.